Unisex Body Treatments

    • Back Total 1 hr

      A total treatment to aid all back complaints. Your skin will be deep cleansed, polished smooth and tight muscles will be relaxed with Swedish massage techniques.

    • Tropical Escape Wrap
      1 hr 15 min

      De-ageing Wrinkle soothing rejuvenating

      Drenched with papaya and pineapple, this tropical wrap is enriched with Creme Fraiche natural butter, calcium, magnesium , saccharides, vitamin A and pomegranate extract.  Blended with potent anti ageing ingredients such as collagen and elastin polypeptides, this Creme Fraiche formula glides smoothly over the skin. Experience a glorious sensory escape as you are enveloped by the scent of vanilla and enticing tropical fruits. The skin is deeply nourished and rejuvenated, revealing an astonishing decrease in body crepiness and wrinkles, also recommended for premature ageing

    • Tropical Saltmousse Glow
      45 min

      Refines, re-energises youthful

      A spa exfoliating treatment unlike any other! This saltmousse glow will remove dead skin cells and impurities whilst releasing negative ions to counteract damaging environmental pollutants. As water is added to the saltmousse, the skin is polished with this aromatic scrub. As it pleasantly foams it naturally rehabilitates the skin leaving a youthful smooth surface.